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    Real Estate Opportunities in Turkey for Investment and Citizenship

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    Property Advisor Turkey stands out as one of the most important companies in Turkey, offering foreign investors the most accurate and profitable real estate investment opportunities. It supports its customers in every aspect, from project promotion to official transactions, from citizenship rights to investment campaigns. Property Advisor Turkey establishes long-term relationships with foreigners and supports them in all legal procedures, accommodation, transportation, and communication during the purchasing process.


    Investment IN Turkey, Citizenship, Living

    Bringing the advantages of Turkey and its construction industry’s potential to the whole world, Property Advisor Turkey has a wide customer portfolio from many different parts of the world. The company instantly brings together real estate projects suitable for all kinds of needs and expectations with foreign investors; Whether for investment, citizenship, or living, it offers the right project to its customers. Providing both earning and dream-like living spaces to its investors, Property Advisor Turkey adopts the fastest and most effective service methods in the digitalized world, reaching new investors and offering recent gains.


    Why Turkey in Real Estate?

    Profitable Investment: Attracting more and more foreign investors with its reliable and profitable investment alternatives, Turkey is one of the most striking countries with its diverse real estate investment opportunities. Taking its dynamism forward in the real estate sector, Turkey has been drawing to its investors a graph that makes them earn money every year since 2008.

    Citizenship Opportunity: Turkey stands out as one of the rarest countries globally that provides excellent convenience to foreign investors regarding the right to citizenship. Turkey, which grants citizenship rights to foreign investors who buy $250,000 real estate, opens the door to investment and income and shares it with the whole world.

    Health Care: Proving itself to the whole world in the medical field with its world-renowned doctors and state-of-the-art devices, Turkey is one of the most popular countries in the world in many different medical branches.

    Cultural Geography: Turkey, which is one of the most important centers of prehistoric, historical, and different religious values with its geographical location, is also a center of attraction with its qualities such as Turkish hospitality, gastronomy, and artistic diversity.

    Real Estate Investment Properties in Turkey

    Investing in real estate can be a successful plan; however, moving forward alone might be risky and challenging. In fact, buying an investment property in Turkey requires a lot of wiseness and knowledge. Facing the fast and continuous evolution of the Turkish real estate market, people willing to invest in Land in Turkey or any other type of property should be completely aware of the local market and its leading directions. They should gather information from credible sources and get the advice of an expert to be aware of the attractive options and the cities that are providing real estate investment properties in Turkey. Among which we can mention Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya Izmir…and many other alternatives.

    Turkey has a huge real estate market full of great deals with properties in a great location in big cities, with a reasonable sqm price and offering a great ROI. As a matter of fact, Turkey includes endless property investment opportunities with different functions, whether they are residential, commercial, or land options.

    Moreover, Turkey is considered a favorable climate for real estate investment with its developed economy and advanced infrastructure, especially in the transportation field.

    Private Real Estate Consultants Operating in Turkey


    Find Answers to Your Questions About the Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Program

    Turkish Citizenship
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    While browsing for your target property, our company advisors will present you with competitive offers with the right location and the correct value, considering the transportation alternatives and the area’s significance. Moreover, you will need professional support to get the Real Estate Appraisal Report for the selected property.

    You will start by getting a tax number and opening an account in one of the Turkish banks to pay the amount through bank transfer. Then you will sign the notarized contract with a 3-year unsold annotation. Then you must submit all the transaction documents to the Department of Foreign Affairs of the General Directorate of land Registry and Cadaster to get the certificate of conformity that you can get 1 week after the purchase is made.

    Once the certificate of conformity is delivered, you have to submit them with all the transaction papers:

    – The title deed of the property
    – ID card or passport wıth translation
    – The Property Appraisal report
    – Earthquake ınsurance certificate
    – Photos
    – Tax number
    – Bank approved Money transfer receipt
    – Sworn interpreter for Turkish non- speaker

    To the province, Directorate of Migrations to apply for a Residence permit, then to the Province Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs to apply for Turkish citizenship.

    All the documents will be evaluated for a period between 3 to 8 months. After that, the Turkish ID will be sent to you. We should note that your spouse and your children under 18 will obtain Turkish citizenship too.

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