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About Us

Property Advisor Turkey

Property Advisor Turkey is a private real estate consultancy operating in Turkey and offering assistance to foreigners willing to invest in the real estate field in Turkey.  A twenty-year experience stands behind its establishment in 2019. Based in Istanbul, Property Advisor Turkey succeeded in building a strong reputation and a trustworthy name in the field in less than three years. Thanks to a confident leadership and a motivated team with a competitive challenge spirit, the company has closed many transactions so far to customers worldwide.

Aiming to offer the best assistance and to be the closest to its customers, the company is cooperating with several representatives and partners in many countries such as UK, USA, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherland, Belgium, France, and Malta.

Our Vision

We are not sellers; we are advisors.

As our company’s name refers to, we don’t randomly promote projects to achieve sales. However, we direct our customers to the right path by pointing out the pros and cons of every alternative and adjusting our offers according to their requests to suggest the appropriate selection that might match their expectations finally. We aim to adopt a fair and transparent methodology based on deep knowledge and a rich experience, and we believe that experience always brings its rewards.

Our Mission

Success happens when Property Advisor Turkey gets involved.

We aim mainly to protect our reputation and make our name’s pride last as long as we can. We work to run always a competitive and progressive company. Satisfying our clients and preserving the motivation of our teamare major ambitions for us.

Our Values

To achieve the statements mentioned above, we manage to hold the following values.


Quality: As quality is our basic motto, besides our firm belief that you deserve the best, we set the bars so high to challenge ourselves first but to surpass your expectationstoo,  offering you our best. In other words, Excellence is the only option we consider.


Responsiveness:We strongly believe that your requests are a priority that requires an immediate response and a quick return. We always work to present our assistance as brief as possible, avoiding any gaps.


Integrity: Transparency-Ethic-Fairness is the fundamental trifecta that we set before any step we make. We work to preserve our credibility, and we make sure to establish clear and regular communication with our customers and our team workers to keep professionalism at the highest level.


Commitment:  We devote our time to our customers’ needs and inquiries, tending to establish strong connections with them. In fact, we don’t chase transactions, but we seek lifetime customers and partners. We admit that valuable human relationships are the muse of any successful business.


Respect: Give respect to get it back. This is one of the basic principles of our company. We always tend to set mutual respect and trust while dealing with all our collaborators, whether valuable customers or trustworthy team members.


Collaboration: We are a company that values teamwork and solidarity. We work together to achieve remarkable results, and we are all committed to preserving the reputation and the name of Property Advisor Turkey.


Versatility: As experts in the field, we widen our assistance domain to accompany our customers through all the processes tending to provide them exclusive services and guarantee safe and secure transactions.

Property Advisor Turkey's Services

  • Property Consultancy
  • After sales services
  • Turkish Citizenship, residency and immigration services
  • Legal Services

A thankful word from you is the best reward we can have.