If you are planning a life full of passion and ambition, you must consider living in a big and ancient city where opportunities emerge, challenges are broken, and dreams come true. You must have thought a lot about the city that was the capital of the world for a long time.

Istanbul is the city of minarets, which today includes among its seven hills nearly 20 million people who carry their dreams and strive to achieve them. Today, it provides you with unique apartments suitable for housing and stability to start your dream life.

Istanbul is one of the safest cities to buy a property. Whether for investment or living, you can find what you are looking for as it is continuously developing, in addition to being on a date with a group of massive projects that will undoubtedly raise the value of the property in it and thus ensure profit for investors.

Among the most notable projects, we can refer to the new canal Istanbul that will mimic the stunning Bosphorus. Moreover, we should mention the new airport project established in the north of the city and considered the third-largest airport in the world. The marine taxi project, which will connect the city’s outskirts to the center, will play a major role in the prosperity of construction projects in this promising city.

In addition to the tremendous cultural and ethnic diversity that this city includes, where you find here the Chinese, Arabs, Europeans, and others, what makes it a global city par excellence. With multiple nationalities, needs are multiplied, opportunities are created, and the wheel of the economy turns more and more.

In addition, it is considered a major tourist destination worldwide, due to the charming natural places it contains. Therefore, the apartments for sale in Istanbul are an excellent choice for both living or investment. It is a city that bears the fragrance of history and the smell of civilization and an outlet for recreation and tourism.


Advantages of apartments for sale in Istanbul?

Buying an apartment in Istanbul corresponds with obtaining a set of features and services, some of which are mentioned here:

Apartments for Security:

Investment projects in Istanbul procure all possible means to achieve security for the habitant of the residential complex. They were providing security officials at the entrance, ensuring that no one entered without the permission of the owner of the house, and placing surveillance cameras at the gates of the complex, access to buildings, and elevators.

Apartments for Quality and Services:

Real estate projects in Istanbul are characterized by high quality in terms of internal supplies and external finishes. According to each project, the residential complex can contain a gym, swimming pool, garden, car parking, and periodic cleaning services for common areas.

Apartments for Nationality:

Suppose the value of the apartment reaches the amount set by the government. In that case, Turkish citizenship will be obtained directly, and the ensuing enjoyment of health guarantee services, free education, and entry facilities for many countries.

– If you want to resell the apartment, it will often be a good process due to the high price of the property with time and the development of services. Moreover, in rent willingness, it is often easy to find a tenant with a suitable rent due to the high demand.

Apartments for Diversity of Real Estate Projects:

The projects are distributed over the different areas of Istanbul, which allows the buyer to choose a suitable apartment. If you want a refreshing sea view, you can search the coastal areas, and when you request proximity to green places and forests, interior projects are available. Some apartments are close to trading centers and business offices for those who want to live in vital areas.

Apartments for Real Estate Agents Ensure:

Those transactions are completed in the proper legal manner without being exposed to real estate fraud.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul with the real estate consultant company:

After discussing all the previous points, if you decide to buy an apartment in Istanbul, the real estate advisor company is the perfect choice that guarantees you to provide the most suitable apartment at competitive prices.

Over the years, the real estate advisor company has persisted in building a name that carries confidence and excellence in the Turkish real estate market. And that is through its permanent work to develop long-term relationships with its clients during the process of searching for an apartment, following up the complete sales procedures, and even reaching the after-sales services.

The real estate consultant focuses on supporting his clients and providing them with the most accurate and detailed information about projects, their location and prices, and providing all necessary logistical and advisory services. Starting from the reception from the airport through providing a means of transportation within the city with an interpreter and providing a comfortable stay, do not hesitate to contact us.