Where to start enjoying Istanbul in spring? The starting point for the best activities to do in Istanbul may be to take a tour of the city in Spring. In this season, when the leaves that the winter leaves shed from the trees slowly begin to open, Istanbul begins to shine as if it is alive again. With this glow, people throw themselves into the streets. We will be counting all your options, starting from hundreds of beaches to be discovered, to the islands that are an hour or two away from Istanbul. So where should we start to make a tour of Istanbul? What are the best activities to do in Istanbul in the spring season?


Where to go in Istanbul in Spring?

Istanbul is different in every season with its places to visit and its historical structure. But without a doubt, the most ideal season to make these trips is spring. It is possible to enjoy Istanbul in the best way during these times when the weather is getting warmer. You can discover all the beauties of the Anatolian and European sides in this season. Here are the places you must visit in Istanbul in the spring season…

Kadikoy and Fashion

If we need to start from the most central places of Istanbul, we can start from Kadıköy and Moda regions, which are located on the Asian continent. Especially moving from the European continent to the Asian continent is a turning point in our travel guide. Getting on the ferry and throwing a bagel to the seagulls flying over the deep blue sea in spring is one of the defining points of Istanbul. The second is to get off at Kadıköy after the ferry ride and go to Moda. Kadıköy’s unique bars and second-hand vintage shops can be a fun activity on the way to Moda. When it comes to the fashion side, we can come across many options such as sitting in modern and hip cafes and going down to Moda beach.

Exit from Moda: Museum Gazhane!

After the tour in Moda Park, Museum Gazhane in Kadıköy is our second stop! This journey, which takes only half an hour by public transport, brings us to one of the most fascinating museums in Istanbul. The events to be held in the museum, which stands out with its industrial architecture, consist of art galleries, libraries, city theaters and market places. Enjoying the spring in a place that looks like a museum but actually created its own city inside Istanbul turns into a pleasant activity.


It is much more enjoyable to enjoy the Kuzguncuk in Spring. With its colorful buildings, famous pastry shops and friendly shopkeepers, it is a region that is literally hidden as a small village in Istanbul. There are special places that you must visit in Kuzguncuk. These can be listed as:

  • Perihan Abla Street,
  • Cemil Molla Mansion,
  • Marko Pasha Mansion,
  • Synagogues and Churches,
  • Uryanizade Mosque.

Kuzguncuk, which is a charming Bosphorus district, offers restaurants that stand out with their different flavors. If you happen to be in this district, we recommend that you do not return without eating fish!


Must-See Places in Istanbul

If we leave Kuzguncuk and go to the European Side, one of the first starting points of our tour will be the Japanese Gardens, then the Belgrad Forest, Yeniköy and the closing point is Kilyos. The European Side contains different natural beauties and historical structures. Don’t forget to have breakfast or sip your coffee against the throat!

Japanese Gardens

The Japanese Garden in Emirgan is another spot to enjoy the spring. The garden, which draws attention with its Japanese architecture, is enough to lose yourself among the pink and green trees. The interior of the garden consists of a tea garden, waterfalls and lakes, and it is one of the places to visit in spring with its zen atmosphere.

Belgrad Forest

You can enjoy Belgrad Forest on a sunny spring day. For those who love nature walks, there is a 6-kilometer track. To take a breather after the walk, sitting in one of the local cafes and drinking orange juice is almost a part of Belgrade.


Yeniköy is an attractive area to enjoy the spring with its fishermen, hip restaurants and beachside cafes. Even if the walking in Belgrade is not enough, there is even a chance to rent a bicycle and take a tour along the coast in Yeniköy. Breakfast in Yeniköy is just as enjoyable. There are many restaurants that provide quality service against magnificent views.


After the small bike tour in Yeniköy, our tour guide’s last stop is to make raki fish and watch the sunset in Kilyos’ magnificent seaside restaurants to close the evening.


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