Power of Attorney is a legal and official document through which one person authorizes another person of his choice to complete stated acts on his behalf.

Depending on the purpose and on the authority it allocates, you might need a power of Attorney in one of the following situations:

  • You want someone else to direct your personal or your business operations cannot be present physically.
  • You are present. But you prefer another person who has specific knowledge and expertise to conduct your personal or Business operations . For example, when you are dealing with a legal issue.

Types of Power of Attorney 

  • General PoA: Required to carry out more than one task.
  • Limited PoA: Issued to accomplish a specific task, and its validity stops after its completion.

Documents Required for a Power of Attorney 

Foreigners willing to issue a power of Attorney to  use for certain official acts in Turkey must provide the following documents:

  • Original passport and its translation
  • Tax ID number
  • Two biometric photos
  • The ID of the person you will give the power of Attorney

How to issue a Turkish PoA

How to issue a Turkish PoA in Turkey

Issuing a Turkish PoA from turkey has the same instructions for both Turkish citizens and foreign nationals.

The person willing to give a Power of Attorney should go to the closest notary Office and ask for it. The notary has different templates of PoA for different use; you only have to choose the one that fits your aim. We should note that the person you are giving the PoA to does not have to be present. However, if you are giving the PoA to a company, you have to present a document that proves the company’s existence.

The notary examines the  documents and issues the PoA if all the applicant fulfill all the conditions .

How to issue a Turkish PoA from abroad

If you live abroad, you will go through the same instructions providing the same documents, but the only difference is that you have to issue the PoA in the Turkish embassy or consulate in your country.

Then, once you get the PoA , you must send it via post to the relevant person to use it in Turkey.

Power of Attorney2

Expiration of a PoA

The grantor can cancel the PoA  at any time.  Limited PoA is canceled automatically once the limited period is expired. However, the grantor can revoke it whenever he wants if the wished acts were concluded earlier.

The PoA must be canceled in the same notary Office where the PoA was issued initially ( or the Turkish consulate or embassy abroad eventually). You need to present the PoA document or at least remember the issue date.