Turkey always maintains its attractive location feature for all tourist groups around the world. In our country, seeking real estate for sale, which has become a favorite of local and foreign investors in recent years, is increasing. Among the reasons why Turkey is attractive for foreigners are its cultural features that connect Asia and Europe.

It is possible to reveal the rapid change in the real estate sector for Turkey with concrete data. According to the statistics of July 2021, foreign nationals made a share of 4,495 out of a total of 107,785 houses sold. As a result of the fast evolution and transformation, more foreign investors tend to take action to own a house in Turkey. As Property Advisor Turkey, we provide consultancy services to respond to the search for real estate for sale, especially for foreigners, assist those who want to acquire citizenship by Property investment, and offer quick solutions to the real estate sector.

How to purchase a property in Turkey?

Property Advisor Turkey offers basic recommendations specific to people looking for real estate for sale. In the beginning, we suggest starting with the determination of needs, but the search for housing for foreigners may involve different factors. People may be looking for real estate for investment purposes and may wish to purchase a pleasant residence that can be used during holidays. Clarifying expectations for foreign buyers helps to determine the most appropriate investment property. Apart from that, getting to know the country and deciding in which region they want to invest determines the second criterion to be considered for foreigners.
Being open to options and evaluating available alternatives can speed up the process. In the search for real estate for sale, legal procedures come first, especially for foreign nationals. They can acquire citizenship by purchasing property or owning a house for investment purposes. Knowing about the legal processes during these transactions makes gain in terms of time and finances.

Can Foreigners Own Properties in Turkey?

According to Articles 35 and 36 of the Land Registry Laws, foreign nationals willing to buy a property in Turkey have the right to own real estate in this country. The residence permit is not required for foreign nationals to purchase housing. According to the relevant laws, foreigners can become property owners after the specified procedures are fulfilled.

Turkey is also home to many foreigners due to some critical situations in the Middle East. This issue is among the factors that increase the search and the sale of real estate in Turkey. For those who want to acquire citizenship by purchasing property, the procedure specified under the Land Registry Laws includes purchasing real estate property with a minimum value of 250,000 dollars. Foreign nationals who have invested 500,000 dollars in Turkey are eligible to obtain Turkish Citizenship.

Buying Properties in Turkey for Foreigners

The process of purchasing property in Turkey by foreign nationals requires specific procedures. At first, those who are looking for real estate for sale should know whether there is a mortgage or foreclosure that will prevent the sale of the selected house. Investors who want to own a house can obtain this information from the Land Registry and Cadastre Directorates. Another issue to consider when buying property in Turkey is working with brokerage firms whose reliability has been confirmed. Property Advisor Turkey is one of the important consultancy companies with representatives in many countries around the world. It fulfills the demands of its customers at a high level with its professional service quality.

Turkey Real Estate Company “Property Advisor Turkey”

Property Advisor Turkey offers total solutions for foreigners looking for real estate for sale and among the services you can find; providing support for those who want to acquire citizenship by purchasing property, providing real estate consultancy services, providing residence or immigration services, and facilitating the management of all legal processes.

Property Advisor Turkey’s mission is to provide the best service that its clients deserve. Our teams, acting with the principles of transparency and fairness, work to provide the highest benefit within the framework of ethical values. Our consultant teams specialized in their field with the service quality shaped by 20 years of real estate experience; they have adopted the principle of providing a personalized, safe and attentive customer experience. You can contact us here to get detailed information about all our services and unique solutions for you.