Apartments With At Least 2 Bedrooms In Eyüpsultan


Project Name

  • Baharyaka


It’s a residential project situated on the Europen side, in Eyüpsultan neighborhood, a historically and touristic important area in Istanbul. It includes the iconic Eyüp Sultan Mosque that grabs tourists’ attention and attracts visitors from different parts of the world.
Thanks to its site, the project has a significant historical and cultural value. It was the first neighborhood to be settled outside of the fortification ramparts. Moreover, the area includes many ancient buildings, thus being part of the architectural heritage of Istanbul.
Meanwhile, the project location is close to the most modern neighborhoods in the city and surrounded by the essential facilities needed for leisure and daily life. Thus, the project is considered a bridge linking the past to the present and the future.
The project is mainly residential and considered the biggest in its area. It consists of 27 blocks of 6 floors each, including 593 residential units in total. The project offers a wide selection of residential types from 2+1 to 5+1 with a range of 114 and 289 m².
The project design is mainly based on the idea of providing comfort with its levels. Each floor includes only 2 apartments with 2 elevators. This layout allows the residents to preserve their privacy and get comfortable circulation inside the project as if they were in a separate house. Moreover, high-standard materials and smart home systems have created decent living spaces for different residents’ profiles. In fact, the project was conceived to be adequate for disabled persons in size, especially in the circulation areas and the common spaces.
You can enjoy tranquility and calmness and cherish the history from your place with the beautiful view of the Golden horn situated just 2 km away.

2+1 bedroom – min 140.00 m² – starts from 450.000$
3+1 bedroom – min 159.00 m² – starts from 569.000$
4+1 bedroom – min 243.00 m² – starts from 670.000$
5+1 bedroom – min 301.00 m² – starts from 1.290.000$



2+1 Defne 1.PNG

2+1 Frezya 4.PNG

2+1 Cigdem 1.PNG

2+1 Defne plan 2.PNG

2+1 Erguvan plan 3.PNG

2+1 Glayor 5.PNG

2+1 Frezya plan 4.PNG

2+1 Erguvan 3.PNG

2+1 Cigdem plan 2.PNG

2+1 Glayor plan 5.PNG