Classical Taksim Airbnb Suites For Investment In Beyoğlu


Project Name

  • Tomtom Taksim


This dynamic residential project is located in the Beyoglu district in Istanbul. The district is located near the Golden Horn, and thus, this residential project provides a great view of the sea from its apartment balconies and windows. It is a great lifestyle opportunity for those looking for all facilities in one residence package. The residential apartments project spans over a development area of 9,000 m2. The construction area is 5,000 m2, and the rest is allocated to the green area.

In modern-day constructions, a significant amount is allocated to the green area to meet the standards of green construction. Therefore, the developers of this project have allocated almost 45% of the total development area for the green area comprising gardens, lawns, and playgrounds for children. Green construction is what makes the lifestyle of residents healthy. The project provides an ample area for residents to spend time in morning walks, jogging, and other outdoor sports activities.

The layout plan of apartments ranges from 1+1 to 4+1. The 4+1 variant of apartment type also comes with a duplex, making it more comfortable and luxurious for the residents. The wide variety of options provides a feasible lifestyle opportunity to families of various sizes and requirements. For instance, you have the option of 2+1 and 3+1 if you have a mid-sized family. In addition, there are a total of 120 units of these apartments with sizes ranging from 52 m2 to 223 m2.

The most distinguishing aspect of this project’s location is that it is located near the A+ offices in the city. Hence, it will not be ambiguous to say this residential project is standing high within the business and financial hub of the district. Moreover, the public transport is at walking distance from this residence that connects the residents to all the parts of this ancient yet magnificent city.

In this hustle and bustle lifestyle, a place closer to nature is indeed a healthy lifestyle. The view of the Golden Horn and the flashing waves from the balcony of these residential apartments brings calmness and peace of mind. In this fast-paced city life, this part of the residential scheme offers a great opportunity to ward off anxiety with its panoramic view of the city and the sea.

It is worthwhile to mention that hospitals, international educational institutes, museums, and shopping malls are all in close vicinity of this residential project. Hence, you can find every facility at your doorstep. The central location of this project makes it an extremely attractive and profitable option for investors. They will get a high rental income from this property and a key to a prosperous future.

1+1 bedroom – min 77.00 m² – starts from 575.000$
2+1 bedroom – min 52.00 m² – starts from 700.000$
4+1 bedroom – min 223.00 m² – starts from 1.125.000$