Fendi Branded Luxury Apartments in Istanbul Zeytinburnu


Project Name

  • Büyükyalı İstanbul


Benefit-oriented luxury facing the sea

It’s a mixed-use project situated on the European side in Bakırköy, one of Istanbul’s developed
areas with high investment potential and inhabited by an upper-middle-class population.
The project lies directly on the coastal road facing the Marmara Sea now.
The project concept consists of 6 blocks of 17 floors each. It includes in total 1483 residential
units with various layouts varying from 1+1 to 5+1.
The project offers a wide range of size options varying between 255 and 545m2.
The design concept is based on creating a community life and bringing back the warm
neighborhood life by designing common and social spaces such as Bazar, hotel, and
commercial areas. This concept explains the big focus on landscape, creating vast
internal gardens and green yards with diversified plants species.
The design aims to create a socially attractive neighborhood with a complete landscape
including modernity, history, greenery, and heritage. It presents thus life with all its faces and
reminds all of Istanbul’s features.
The project includes one of the city’s most notable restoration projects supported by the
government through the reconversion of a cartridge factory situated in the project site and
dating since 1846.
The historical building is distinguished for its humble architecture, high ceiling, timber and
stone mixed-structure, and authentic roof filtering the daylight inside. Most of the historical
buildings have been reconverted to commercial areas, cafes, and restaurants integrated into the
project, while some other parts are exhibited as a symbol of cultural heritage marking the
project’s entrance.
The delicacy of valorizing the history through modernity continues in the inside of the
apartments and the common areas, holding the Italian elegance with the touch of Fendi Casa
exclusively contributing to this project in all of Turkey.
The project is situated in an area presenting easy and various transportation alternatives
whether you use highways, rail systems, or maritime lines. Moreover, private sea shuttles are
expected to take you wherever you want in the city, avoiding traffic.

1+1 bedroom – min 54.00 m² – starts from 448,000$
2+1 bedroom – min 104.00 m² – starts from 520,000$
3+1 bedroom – min 163.00 m² – starts from 996,000$
4+1 bedroom – min 208.00 m² – starts from 1,672,000$
5+1 bedroom – min 332.00 m² – starts from 4,035,000$
3+1 penthouse – min 291.00 m² – starts from 1,309,000$
4+1 penthouse – min 545.00 m² – starts from 5,009,000$