New Kagithane apartments


Project Name

  • Mevsim İstanbul


This project, which consists of 187 units in three buildings, is an exclusive life created in Kağıthane. Days are shaped entirely according to your choices here. Homeowners in Mevsim Istanbul have a variety of housing options ranging from 2+1 to 4+1. There are several alternatives available for large families, newlyweds, and those who want to invest. All four seasons are meant to bring you joy and prosperity. All you have to do now is pick a season that best matches your needs.
Mevsim Istanbul, which is conveniently positioned beside TEM in Kağıthane and with a view of the Belgrad Forest, also provides a fantastic value to investors. When you consider its central position, residences, and pleasurable social places, where premium materials meet meticulous craft and convert into privilege in every millimeter, Mevsim Istanbul is irresistible.
At Mevsim Istanbul, there are 30 luxury lofts. With their variety and practicality, these 30 private living spaces that combine luxury and comfort deliver their owners a variety of pleasures. If you want to acquire one of these 30 rare lofts, you must act immediately. All of the apartments in Mevsim Istanbul are made of high-quality materials.
With the assistance of experienced constructors, this material, which was hand-picked with attention, becomes perfect. The grandeur of Mevsim Istanbul impacts you strongly from its kitchenette to its bathroom, from its living room to its patio.
You have a cause to rejuvenate yourself each day with the trekking areas, workout rooms, miniature football and hockey courts, sauna, theater, gaming centers, and pool. You have the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest in each season here.
At Mevsim Istanbul, all benefits are built with the knowledge of residents’ privacy in mind. Only an indoor swimming pool is available at Mevsim Istanbul. In addition, the indoor pool serves males and females on different days. As a result, you may completely enjoy the pool, which was specifically constructed for your comfort.
Mevsim Istanbul has been created with your peace and comfort in mind. Your thoughts, as well as the minds of your family members, will be at ease at Mevsim Istanbul, which will always be under video monitoring.

2+1 bedroom – min 71.00 m² – starts from 280.000 $
3+1 bedroom – min 96.00 m² – starts from 375.000 $
4+1 bedroom – min 170.00 m² – starts from 685.000 $




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