Ready To Move Qualified Apartments In Maslak


Project Name



It is a residential project situated in Maslak, a prestigious residential and business hub in Istanbul.
Being completely designed for living, residents will have the chance to enjoy a peaceful and decent residential atmosphere.
The project also gives its residents an extensive and various range of units types with 935 apartments ranging from 0+1 to 4+1 with a size range varying between 45 and 332 m². The project is distinguished with its interior design giving special attention to details with soft touches and aesthetical patterns.
Besides its luxurious interior design and unique fancy style, this project is notable for its perfect location in one of Istanbul’s most prestigious and luxurious areas. It is located a few minutes away from the famous FSM Bridge. Besides, it’s surrounded by many shopping malls, some of which are only reachable within walking distance in a couple of minutes.
The project’s connection to both subway and monorail lines makes it easily accessible from and to every part of the city. Moreover, being open to one of the main highways of Istanbul is an additional advantage.
Since this project gives serious attention to the residents’ comfort and well-being, it has been designed to conceive welcoming and appropriate areas allowing them to gather pleasantly and enjoyably.
These social facilities created inside the project itself give the dwellers the chance to spend a cozy time with their beloved ones without leaving their homes.

1+0 bedroom – min 45.00 m² – starts from 340.000$
1+1 bedroom – min 63.86 m² – starts from 469.000$
2+1 bedroom – min 129.00 m² – starts from 899.000$
3+1 bedroom – min 180.88 m² – starts from 1.310.000$
4+1 bedroom – min 201.47 m² – starts from 1.469.000$



1+0 45 m2

1+1 75 m2

2+1 129 m2

3+1 157 m2

4+1 212 m2