Stylish High Quality Sea Front Apartments in Bakırköy


Project Name

  • Pruva 34


Everlasting sea view

It’s a mixed-use project situated on the European side in Bakırköy, one of Istanbul’s fast-
growing areas. It has a residential character, and it is inhabited by an upper-middle-class

population. It lies between E5 and the coast of the Marmara sea.
The project concept is residential but including also home offices. It consists of 8 blocks with
16 to 17 floors each. The project includes 407 apartments with various layouts varying from
1+1 to 5+1. It also has 4+2 and 5+2 options.
The project offers spacious units with a wide range of size options varying between 290 and
363 m2.
The project is facing the coast of the Marmara sea, offering thus a panoramic sea view.
In fact, the project has 62,500 m2 of sea-faced area.
The project has a unique design with its fresh living spaces, advanced materials, and elegant
architectural features.
Thanks to its various social amenities, the project provides all the needed conditions for a
the familiar atmosphere with its Olympic swimming pool, green areas, and colourful gardens.

1+1 bedroom – min 85.00 m² – starts from 570.000$
2+1 bedroom – min 172.00 m² – starts from 960.000$
4+1 bedroom – min 311.00 m² – starts from 2.835.000$
4+2 duplex – min 613.00 m² – starts from 4.690.000$
5+1 bedroom – min 364.00 m² – starts from 3.335.000$
5+2 duplex – min 719.00 m² – starts from 6.185.000$



1+1 136m

2+1 171m2

4+1 310m2

5+1 364m2