Property Advisor Turkey Services

Property Advisor Turkey Company provides you with a full-service transaction with continuous support through all the details. Our Experienced team takes the responsibility to manage all the instructions in your name and assist you with the whole procedure.

Property Consultancy:

Online Consultancy

Our team assures prompt responsiveness right after the customer’s inquiry through the clients’ preferences, whether through calls, emails, or WhatsApp messaging. Our consultants get in touch with the customers to understand their requests and preferences and guide them to the best options that match their needs. They are in charge of presenting a selection of offers with the complete details and keep following up until the clients find the suitable property. The follow-ups continue until scheduling a visit according to the availability of the customers.

Office Presentation

Once the customer arrives in Istanbul, Property Advisor Turkey arranges a presentation held by our field experts to give him a more concrete idea and a complete outlook about the areas he is about to invest in.

Viewing Tour

Property Advisor Turkey field experts join the customers for a visit of a selection of projects interesting to the client and match his needs to evaluate the offers concretely.

Once the customer selects the property he is about to buy, the purchase process begins with
different instructions.

Financial Services:

Get a tax number registration: It is a ten-numeral number that foreigners have to get before doing any financial transaction in Turkey. It is easily obtained from any local tax office with the presentation
of the original and a copy of your valid passport. This action is free of charge and takes only a few minutes.
Open a bank account: It is one of the basic actions that should be done to proceed with the property purchase to assure a secure money transfer from abroad. It can also be beneficial to pay the utility fees regularly automatically.
Arranging installment payment: With its collaboration with the most trustable developers and construction companies, Property Advisor Turkey arranges for its customers an installment payment plan free of any interests.

Legal Support:

Due Diligence: Property Advisor Turkey company collaborates with a reputed law company to assure
its clients safe and secure transactions. The lawyer checks the legal documents of the property, including the building license of the project. He also reviews the property’s freehold in the Title deed registration and makes sure there is no mortgage or debt on it.
Power of Attorney: It is a legal document through which the customer gives the right to a lawyer of any
other person of his choice to make specific transactions on his behalf.
Notary Services: Property advisor Turkey manages the notary for translated documents approvals and
contract signing.
Providing Different languages Interpreters: The Property Advisor team provides English and other language speaking sworn translators for documents translation or contract signing.
Signing the Contract: Once the required documents are ready, we assist you during this action to make sure
that everything occurs legally and properly. The notary keeps the original contract document and gives both the buyer and the seller notarized copies.
Title Deed Obtaining: It is an official document sealed by an official authority and proving one’s ownership of a real estate property. It is delivered from the Land Registry and Cadaster Directorate in Turkey and requires the presence of both the buyer and the sellers or their representatives. In normal conditions, this document is generally issued within 10 to 15 days.

Online Purchase:

If the customer cannot be in Turkey soon for some reason, that won’t be an obstacle to making the purchase. Property Advisor Turkey can make the whole procedure on your name after legally giving us the right to do it through the Power of Attorney document. Thus, our lawyer or company representative will be in charge of all the transactions on your behalf.

Acceptance Services:

Key Delivery: Once the client pays the down payment( in the case of an installment payment plan), he can receive the key of his property. If the project is ready, this will be right away; however, if the project is still under construction, he can receive the apartments as soon as the apartment is ready, even if he didn’t get the title deed yet. Property Advisor Turkey team joins its customers through this step, even a few years after the purchase date.
Utility Subscriptions: Property Advisor Turkey gives this service to its clients who purchased a property
through it as an aftersale service. It includes the connection of electricity, water, gas, and the internet.
Among the required documents, you need to have DASK insurance for earthquake and natural catastrophes.
Insurance Policy: Property Advisor Turkey company provides their customers support with their
properties’ insurance as an aftersales free service. The Property insurance covers any damage caused by certain incidences such as fire, explosion, or natural impacts like flood or landslide.

Property Makeover:

Readjustment of the interior design: Property AdvisorTurkey cooperates with reliable design studios to assist its clients willing to customize their properties and have their own design. You only have to give us a brief idea about your preferences in colors, textures, and styles, and our designers will handle everything.
Furnishing: Our designers take charge of furnishing your houses following your request. They take the measures of the property and make you a selection of specific furniture that matches your place design. This can be online through catalogs and websites or through some stores browsing according to your availability. Our team makes sure to present you with the best quality/price ratio.

Makeover service might charge the customers extra fees.

Property Management:

Rental Services: For our customers who had bought properties for investment aims, Property Advisor Turkey experienced team takes your property in charge and does what it takes to afford you a high profit and get you a trusted tenant. This might include some services such as cleaning, maintenance, and professional photography for advertising purposes. Please note that these services might charge the clients extra fees.
Resale Services: However, for our customers that prefer to make an investment profit through
resale, Property Advisor Turkey is one of the best partners to rely on. Our company provides this support as an aftersale service exclusively for our customers. Your for-sale property will be listed in our portfolio, and thus it will be visualized by a maximum number of persons. It will also be presented as an offer for our customers all over the world.