Seaside Real Estate Projects in Turkey

Seaside Properties in Turkey

Turkey is one of the favorite destinations in the real estate market thanks to its geographical feature of being surrounded by seas from three sides. This feature of our country makes people dream to live in a house by the sea.

Those looking for a house or investors to live a peaceful life show great demand for the Aegean, Mediterranean, and the Black Sea coasts. Seafront real estate projects, which are highly valued in terms of real estate investment, are frequently realized on the Turkish coast.

Among the reasons these projects carried out by the sea are in high demand, we can mention the unique view of the sea, fresh air, serenity, and peace.

These projects, which are preferred by those willing to get away from the city life and live alone with the sea, or those who want to create a particular area for themselves in the city and still have a beautiful view, have managed to maintain their popularity from the past to the present without losing any value.

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    Seafront Real Estate Projects in Antalya

    Antalya is among the first cities that come to mind when it comes to the seaside city in Turkey. The city, which has beaches with incomparable beauty for sea holidays, hosts various buildings such as villas, summer houses, and apartments on the coastline and frequently preferred and popular hotels. In Antalya real estate market, properties located by the sea can be seen as the focal point. This city, which is frequently seen with real estate on the beach, for sale or rent, is always preferred by Turkish citizens and foreign nationals for living and vacation. The buildings located by the city’s beaches attract the attention of the residents of the city and attract buyers interested in real estate investment. Antalya, one of the metropolitan cities with a coastline, constitutes an important investment option due to the high value of the buildings on the coast. The wide sea coast of the city plays an important role in the abundant construction of seafront real estate projects.

    Real Estate Investment in Antalya

    Antalya’s real estate market is developing under the dominance of coastal regions, especially districts such as Konyaaltı, Lara, Kaş, and Alanya. In addition to various municipal projects, the city has profitable investment opportunities with the city’s interest in tourism. Real estate projects, which are being built on the region’s coastlines, started to be sold while under construction as they offer investors advantageous price options. In addition to the new buildings being constructed in the city, the social projects realized by the municipality and the gradual increase in luxury real estate also greatly enhance the investment value of the real estate in Antalya. Works to improve infrastructure and social life, some projects such as the Konyaaltı Project and the Boğaçayı Project, which are carried to improve the city life, increase the investment value of the city. These projects make the prices of newly built buildings in the city highly appreciated, making the value of existing houses increase day by day.

    Antalya, the shining city of the Mediterranean, is often seen as a tourism city, but it might be wrong to define this beautiful city exclusively with its touristic characteristic. Antalya draws attention as an important actor in agricultural practices in Turkey. This city, also described as “Turkey’s greenhouse,” is one of the cities where agricultural practices lead with its beautiful climate.
    Natural factors such as the climate, natural beauty, beaches, tourism investments, and agricultural practices make Antalya more famous and essential every day. Antalya became a dream destination for both foreign nationals and Turkish citizens to live and invest in. It attracts more and more attention with its real estate investments that reflect the serenity of the city. With the advantage of being the capital of tourism and becoming a point of attraction with various projects appearing every day, Antalya draws attention as one of the leading cities in Turkey in terms of real estate investment.

    Seafront Real Estate Projects in Izmir

    Izmir is Turkey’s most preferred city for real estate investments for both life opportunities and holidays. This city has many coastal regions, especially the districts of Çeşme, Urla, Dikili, and Foça. For this reason, investment value is very high with the real estate projects, increasing in number and attracting investors continuously. Thanks to the infrastructure projects made to shorten the travel time between Izmir and Istanbul, the Izmir real estate market has become quite active. City dwellers who want to escape from the noise and crowds of Istanbul mostly prefer to move to Izmir. This situation increases the value of the houses for sale and raises thus the rental income in the city.

    Real Estate Investment in Izmir

    Izmir; is a region favored by real estate investors due to its nature, providing opportunities for sea tourism, and being one of the big cities. Especially in certain districts considered the center of tourism, such as Çeşme, the houses on the beach carry investment value. Real estate projects built in these regions attract buyers by offering various comfort options with the city texture.
    Houses by the sea are highly valued in Izmir’s real estate market. The investment value of the region increases day by day with the infrastructure projects, some of which are completed and some are still in progress, such as the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir Highway and Çeşme Airport, which aim to shorten the distance between İzmir and İstanbul. As infrastructure projects continue to develop, housing prices rise irreversibly. Investing in these regions, where prices are increasing, is considered a very profitable choice for buyers.

    Seafront Real Estate Projects in Muğla

    Muğla, the apple of the eye of tourism with its world-famous districts such as Marmaris, Bodrum, Datça, and Fethiye, adds importance to various seafront real estate projects.

    New real estate projects, in the form of villas, summer houses, and compounds by the sea, especially in holiday regions, significantly increase the investment value in the city.

    The projects, which attract the attention of local tourists and those coming from abroad, are becoming more valuable with the increasing housing prices in Muğla.

    Real Estate Investment in Muğla

    Muğla, which has never lost its value in the eyes of local and foreign tourists in terms of tourism, is also among the preferences of real estate investors. While real estate projects in the coastal areas offer a great investment opportunity, the price of second-hand houses in developing cities is increasing. For this reason, Muğla is one of the regions most preferred by real estate investors.