Turkey has become a role model for the whole world in the struggle against the coronavirus epidemic that has set out the agenda of the whole world and required various moral and material measures and regulations. Many people and institutions from the European countries and the World Health Organization have been talking about the correct steps taken by Turkey in this process. In addition to all healthcare measures taken until now, the epidemics hospital that has been built at the former Ataturk Airport with a planned delivery deadline of 45 days has approached to completion. For building the 1008-bed hospital, which was started to be constructed on 9th of April after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced for its development, 4,000 workers have been working in 3 shifts. Built on a land of 184 thousand square meters, the hospital will have closed area of 70 thousand square meters.

On top of all these developments, the rate of spread of the disease in Turkey has decreased remarkably thanks to various measures including curfews during weekends, curfews for people older than 65 years, temporary closing down of risky businesses and industries, high number of daily tests and the financial aids put into effect.

Turkey an exemplary country around the world!

All these and other measures have made Turkey an exemplary country around the world. After Germany and England advised Turkey as a safe holiday destination last week, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, General Director of the World Health Organisation, also gushed over Turkey.

Ghebreyesus appreciated Turkey for its cooperation and support in the global epidemics process. Stating that this will and effort of cooperation should be taken as an example by the whole world, Ghebreyesus added the following: “I appreciate President Erdogan for their contribution to neighbouring and other countries in relation to Covid-19. Turkey has always lent a helping hand and it is doing the same now. After the start of the global spread of Covid-19, leaders of the Turkish Council has been closely cooperating in various fields including but not limited to sharing means of healthcare, humanitarian aid, supply of test kits, sharing clinical experiences and providing medical support. I have been fully encouraged by the Turkish Council leaders’ call for union and affirmation for the necessity to unite as humankind. The WHO is grateful for your strong support. We hope to overcome this common threat together.”

Safe Country Turkey!

As is seen, as an exemplary country in almost all areas, Turkey still continues to be the right choice for making investments, doing holiday and living in.