Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program


General Information for Turkish Citizenship

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This program was launched in January 2017 to bring foreign direct investment and boost the real estate sector. Under this program, the investor has the freedom to select between the various methods he prefers to process.

At first, the minimum investment cost to profit from this program was set to at least 1 million USD.

Later, this amount was reduced to 250,000 USD in September 2018.

The cabinet decided to increase the value of the approved property in order to apply for Turkish citizenship through real estate investment from 250,000$ to 400,000$ in May 2022

Eligibility for Turkish Citizenship by Investments Program

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Some conditions are compulsory to be able to apply for Turkish Citizenship: Being an adult with legal access to Turkey and legal documents, good mental health, and a clean criminal record, of course.
You also need to fulfill the following conditions:

18 years old at least

No illegal stay in Turkey

Paying the taxes for the process

Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

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A foreign investor considering owning a property in Turkey and willing to apply for the Turkish Citizenship Investment program should be aware of the following required documents:

  • Birth certificates of all the candidates.
  • Passports of each candidate.
  • Residence Proof (Recently issued).
  • Biometric, colored photos of everycandidate.
  • Certificate of marriage (optional).
  • Death or divorce certificate of spouse (optional).
  • Proof that all the applicants have a clean criminal record.
  • Proof of Health Insurance (valid in Turkey).
  • Proof of investment of $250,000 into a Turkish bank account or lawyer’s client account.
  • Turkish Tax ID Number (necessary).

Note: You can obtain Turkish Citizenship for your spouse, your dependent children under 18 years old, and children of any age with disabilities.

Advantages of the investment in Turkey

• Turkey, the historical legacy, modernity, and development, consists of a bridge between the past and the present on the ladder of success and rises to the top rank among the world’s countries.
• It is characterized by its geographical location, which links East and West, mediating the continents and overlooking the most important straits and seas in the world.
• Turkey has political and economic stability, with a booming economy making the development rapidly, ranking Turkey as the second-fastest growing economy after China.
• It is considered one of the best tourist places worldwide, which attracts tourists by its natural beauty and tremendous archaeological treasures spread all over the country.
• Turkey’s vast geographical area, climate diversity, large population, and robust
infrastructure are essential in providing an investment climate and suitable components for any investment.
• All these factors encouraged foreign business people and investors to head to Turkey.
Foreign investors recently focused on the Turkish Real Estate market, especially in
Istanbul, with the highest property purchase rate. Gulf countries ranked first to the
highest buying rates, especially the Saudis

Real estate investment options in Turkey include:
• Under construction projects in vital areas presents a significant investment opportunity by making an important revenue thanks to the remarkable difference between the launching process and the final ones after the completion of the projects.
• Investment land for sale in Istanbul with strategic locations within the regulatory schemes.
• Buy apartments in Istanbul in ready projects within upscale residential complexes and put them for rent at a high profit.