Standing out with its developing industry, tourism areas, investment opportunities, trade, and agriculture sectors, Turkey is included in the list of world countries that have reached an excellent position at the international level. Among the advantages of being a Turkish citizen, essential opportunities such as free education, voting, having a job at the state level, obtaining a Turkish passport, and benefiting from free health services can be counted. Individuals becoming Turkish citizens will benefit from their citizenship rights as well as their spouses and children under 18 years old. Individuals who became Turkish citizens are also allowed to have a Turkish passport and use all its possibilities. Persons entitled to become Turkish citizens can make payments to the social security system for their retirement pension. The Republic of Turkey also offers the advantages of obtaining citizenship and residence permits by purchasing a property for individuals who want to become Turkish citizens. People who make a minimum investment of 250,000 USD gain the right to become Turkish citizens and obtain a passport. Apart from purchasing Real Estate, the right to become a Turkish citizen can be obtained through the competent authority, birth, marriage, or contributing to the country in science, art, economy, and sports. In Turkey, which stands out with its valuable location between Asia and Europe, individuals who gain citizenship do not have to live in the country.


What are the advantages of a Turkish Passport?

The right to obtain a Turkish passport, which is among the advantages of being a Turkish citizen, offers many exceptional opportunities. Ranking 96th among 200 countries, the Turkish passport provides visa-free travel to more than 100 countries. Individuals with a Turkish passport can quickly enter 26 Schengen countries. Individuals who have earned the right to become Turkish citizens are given a valid passport for 10 years.

Turkish passport advantages include the right to acquire dual citizenship. The right to become a Turkish citizen, obtained through the purchase of the real estate, also provides the opportunity to obtain a Turkish passport. Instead of buying a house, you can get a Turkish passport within 60 days by depositing 500,000 USD in a bank located in Turkey.

The Turkish passport, which offers visa-free entry to 110 countries according to the 2020 indexes, also draws attention with its presence in the future visa exemption programs of the European Union and the USA. In addition, the Turkish passport provides the opportunity to enter 42 countries with a visa application at the border gate. Passport holders can enter 7 countries with the e-visa application. We can list the most important advantages of obtaining a Turkish passport as follows:

  • They can benefit from free education at state universities.
  • They can benefit from retirement programs and health rights like a Turkish citizen.
  • The right to vote can be obtained with a Turkish passport.

Buying Real Estate in Turkey

Turkey is among the fastest-growing Real Estate market in Europe. In addition, the country draws attention with its strategic location connecting Asia and Europe and the unique advantages it offers to real estate owners. The country’s resources and developments in the construction, trade, and production sectors provide domestic and foreign investors many opportunities. Turkey has come to the forefront with its urban transformation projects that surpassed countless countries globally; It also offers special benefits such as a young population, a growing economy, and cultural diversity. The cities with the highest housing purchases by foreign investors in Turkey are Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Bursa, and Yalova. Investors from Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Afghanistan make up a large part of this percentage. The right to become a Turkish citizen, given with the purchase of a house worth 250,000 USD, greatly impacts the rate of foreign investors in Turkey.

When we look at the data of 2021, we can notice that the Turkish citizenship advantages and rights offered to the investors contribute 24% to the real estate investment. Foreign investors who want to contribute to the Turkish economy can purchase real estate, such as land, restaurants, or hotels, other than residences. The advantages of investing in Turkey can be listed as follows:

  • Since Turkey is a country that experiences all four seasons, it is an excellent market for real estate investments to be made in tourism.
  • Low tax rates, geopolitical location, incentive opportunities, customs union, and open investment opportunities positively affect the purchase of Turkey’s real estate property.
  • Cultural diversity and historical resources also contribute to housing purchase. Buying Real Estate in Turkey

What are the advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen 2

Advantages of Buying a Housing in Turkey

The unit with the highest rate of real estate investments in Turkey is the housing projects. The first place in the list of advantages of buying a house in Turkey recognizes the right to be a Turkish citizen. The requirement to buy a home worth 500,000 USD has been updated as a requirement to make a minimum investment of 250,000 USD as of the decision made in 2018.

The fact that a residence permit is not required to purchase real estate is listed among the most important advantages of buying a house in Turkey. Standing out with its developed real estate sector, Turkey is frequently preferred by foreign investors with its low cost of living. Rapid developments in the construction sector return to the buyers as modern and luxury housing opportunities. In addition, the exchange rate and affordable housing prices can be listed among the advantages of buying real estate in Turkey. Turkey, which stands out with its multicultural structure, has special opportunities for many sectors such as tourism, trade, agriculture, and entertainment.

Another important point about the advantages of buying a house is geographical location and transportation opportunities. It is precious to buy a house and become a Turkish citizen in Turkey, which stands out with its advanced transportation systems and strategic location that serves as a bridge between different parts of the world. Residence permit obtained by investment and the right to become a Turkish citizen; It also highlights particular advantages such as purchasing a vehicle, social security registration, establishing a company, and obtaining a work permit.